AYP Monologue Competition – Monologue Ideas I

monologue competition

AYP Monologue Competition – Monologue Ideas I

Jun 29, 2020

In Collaboration with Rita Bernard-Shaw, Percelle Ascott, Mia McKenna-Bruce, Bani Mendy and Luke Davies, AYP will be hosting a Monologue Competition for young people in London aged between 14 and 17.

To help you with this the judges have selected 3 possible monologues that you may use:


(Female part in any accent)

Jo is talking to her mother with a book in her hand.


This story…It’s one of my best!

Jo opens the book and reads from it.


(Reading from the book) “It’s a
mean and stormy night. The moors
are bleak and bloody. Thunder
claps, lighting strikes! The fair
Clarissa, her clothes in disarray,
races across the wild costal heath.
She stops, she runs. Will she
escape? Will she be caught? With
bold determination, the villainous
Braxton Pendergast, lurches for
her! There is no escape, so she
turns to fight him! She says “Keep
away from me you wretch!”

She closes the book as a sea of anger and sadness flushes
over Jo.


I just feel…I just feel like,
women…they have minds and they
have souls as well as just hearts.
And they’ve got ambition and
they’ve got talent as well as just
Jo begins to cry.


And I’m so sick, Im so sick of
people saying that love is all a
woman if fit for. I’m so sick of
it! But I’m…I’m so lonely.

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